The cannabis marketplace is going through a revolution. Though there will always be a core consumer base that understands the ins and outs of the culture, there is a new consumer that is ready to enter the market.

Flowertown is a content publishing platform focused on changing the cannabis conversation from niche to mainstream, offering a new, honest and comfortable approach to the benefits cannabis has to offer for the responsible audience.

We are a trusted source where questions are answered, curiosities are welcomed and conversations are started. We are passionate about curating a premium, safe and trusted cannabis experience for all existing and new consumers entering the market. Additionally, we want exceptional brands to be able to reach these new consumers through driven and purposeful creative services with the Flowertown Agency.

Meet the team

Dean Waters

Dean has 30 years of executing successful media/marketing strategies for leading regional and national brands. After founding VIMBY, a national creative production infrastructure designed to create content for a wide range of brands, he forged a substantial alignment with Mark Burnett, which led to various partnerships with Fortune 500 brands and substantial returns for the company’s shareholders.

Eddie Van Pelt

Eddie brings 20 years of finance and operations experience that spans across several industries including government, private equity, real estate, publishing, video production, and marketing. As acting CFO at VIMBY, he helped engineer the lead investment round, oversaw a 40x investor return in six years, and structured a large buy-out with MGM.

Brandon Boerner
Director, Brand & Story Development

Brandon is an advertising executive with a background in launching products and developing brands for companies like Volkswagen, Footjoy, Hyundai, Toyota, and Apple. His brand initiatives over the years have been featured on the Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, and the Grammys.

Jamil Bardowell
Director, Brand Management

Jamil is an advertising production figurehead with over 25 years of experience. He’s been responsible for building several production departments for companies including WPP, Publicis Group, Omnicom, and Innocean Worldwide. During his tenure, he has worked on some of the world’s largest brands such as Apple, YouTube, Toyota, and Hyundai.

Nick Flora
Executive Creative Director

Nick is an award-winning creative director with over 15 years of agency experience. He’s worked on dozens of national brand initiatives including 3 Super Bowl campaigns and an international FIFA World Cup campaign. Nick’s most recent Super Bowl ad campaign shortlisted at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Scott Heter
Publishing Strategy Manager

Scott Heter is an experienced marketer with over 8 years of experience. From social media marketing to his current role as a strategist, Scott has experience across a breadth of industries. He has worked on national brands such as Amazon, Acura, Sun-Maid, Lowe’s, Benjamin Moore, and Publix. His thoughts on content strategy have been published on CMO.com and his guide to social marketing in the cannabis industry has been published on Marijuanavventure.com